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Information About Our Shipping Fees

Here is a list of shipping fees and information. I package the items very carefully to ensure that they arrive to the buyer in the condition that they purchased the item in. All long guns are shipped in new boxes that we purchase. Hand guns are usually shipped in United States Post Office Priority Mail boxes. All ammunition, due to regulations must be shipped by United Postal Service only. We also use new boxes for this ammunition. All shipments are fully insured unless requested by buyer.


For long guns, the standard starting fee is by United States Post Office Priority Mail. This is for guns valued at up to 1200.00. Shipping Cost Minimum $65.00.


For long guns valued over $1200.00 we may ship Registered Mail. This will be determined by size, weight, where to ship to, and overall cost. The Cost Will Start at $65.00 and will go up from there.


For hand guns, I like to ship by United States Post Office Priority Mail. The minimum fee is $55.00. The price will go up due to size of handgun, if shipped with original box or accessories or other items that require a larger box or special handling, that item will be shipped Registered Mail.


For shipping Ammunition or Antique Ammunition I must ship by U.P.S. only. The minimum fee for one box of ammunition is $20.00. The shipping costs from this point on will be determined by weight and value.


The insurance coverage will also impact on the overall cost of the shipping fees. I do strongly suggest that all packages of real value be insured. If the buyer does not want insurance we will request a signed release to that effect.