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ITEM 1981 – SOLD – Colt Custom Shop Rare Trooper Mark III 22 Long Rifle In The Electroless Nickel Finish


Item Number 1981 Category

This Colt was produced in 1979. The pistol’s serial number is Y 8620. This pistol has the 6 inch barrel. The pistol is chambered for shooting 22 Short, Long And Long Rifle Ammunition. This Colt is as new in the original box. The pistol came from the Colt Custom Shop. This pistol has the rare Electroless Nickel Finish. This finish is very durable and long lasting. Very few of these pistols were done with this finish! The finish would rate a 100% as new condition This pistol shows no sign of being handled or worked. The grips are in new condition. . The box sleeve is in fair condition. The sleeve shows use and wear. The end label is intact. This is a rare Trooper having been chambered for the 22 Long Rifle and also having the rare Electroless Nickel finish as a bonus! This makes this Colt highly collectable for the serious collector!

Modern BCCE (6) F. No. 611 -22