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Colt Model 1895 New Model Navy Navy Issued With Factory Letter – ITEM 1866

Item Number 1866 Category

This Colt was Shipped in 1898. The pistol’s serial number is 112290 The Navy issue number is 11694. It has the standard 6 Inch barrel chambered for the 38 Long Colt. The Colt factory letter states that this Colt was shipped to the United States Government Navy Yard In New York October 15th 1898 with 200 pistols in that shipment. This Colt is in original as issued condition. The bore and chambers are in bright minty condition. The action is in new condition and locks up perfectly. The nitre blued parts are in bright blue condition. The original hard rubber grips are in very fine condition. The original high polish bluing would rate a 95% overall condition. The bottom of the grip frame has the following lettering, USN directly Below that, the Navy Anchor Below that, 38 D.A. Below that, a open triangle with a J inside the proof mark Below that, No. Below that, <span style=”white-space: pre;”> </span>11694 Navy Issue Number Below that, J N J Navy Inspector And finally Below that The Colt Serial Number of 112290. These Early Colt Navy revolvers saw hard service. It is quite rare to find one in this fine of condition! This Colt is a fine example of the side arms of our early Navy. This Colt would be a fine addition to any military and Colt collector! The original box of shells is for display only.


Antique H.L.V. Private (9) F. No. 564 -21