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Colt Model 1909 Military Pistol Rig Complete With Original Ammunition ITEM 2131


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This Military Colt was produced in 1911. The pistol’s serial number is 46762. it has the standard 5 1/2 inch barrel chambered for the 45 Colt cartridge. This pistol is an original as issued Model 1909. There is no alterations or add on done with this pistol The bore is very fine with a bright bore. The chambers are also in fine condition. The action works correctly with no issues. The original grips are properly inspected with the R.A.C. inspector stamp. The pistol also has the R.A.C. stamp on the frame with the United States Property stamped on the barrel underside. The original bluing is service worn with about 78% of the finish remaining. The grips have no chips or damage. The original lanyard is from Rock Island Arsenal dated 1905 The original holster is also from Rock Island Arsenal and dated 1911. The holster and lanyard are in very fine condition with no issues. The leather holster is not cracked or dried out. The two original minty sealed boxes of 45 Colt ammunition is for the 1909 Colts only. These boxes are dated May 2 1911. The ammunition belt has original Frankford Arsenal ammunition in the loops. The belt holds 30 rounds. The belt is by Mills Web Belts. The belt is in very fine serviceable condition. This belt as can be seen is for fast loading of the revolvers by just pulling the shells out of the loops on top. It is quite rare to see original accessories with the Model 1909 Colts! Here is a complete set that would make a great display for any military collection!

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