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Colt Model 1911-A1 Civilian Model 38 Super With The Rare Swartz Safety Shipped To England For The War Effort Item 2111

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This Colt Pistol was produced in 1940. The pistol’s serial number is 34705. The original 38 Super barrel is in fine condition with a bright clean bore. This Colt is fitted with the rare Swartz safety. Most of the Swartz safety’s were found on the 45 A.C.P. models. very few were fitted on the 38 Supers. This Colt was shipped June 18th 1940 To British Purchasing Commission through Winchester Repeating Arms Co. This Colt has the Royal Inspector at Enfield Stamp And The British Broad Arrow Property Stamp. by the safety cut out on the slide. This rare pistol is still in the original condition with no alterations or replaced parts. The all checkered wood  grips are in very fine condition. This Colt does show some service use and wear. The original bluing would rate a 84% overall condition. This magazine is the correct original all blued body style magazine. The Swartz safety is intact and this Colt functions great! This is a rare Civilian Model 1911-A1 38 Super that has the rare Swartz Safety and went to England on The Lend Lease Program. This Rare Colt is a true survivor of World War 2! This Pistol deserves to be in an advanced Colt Collection! The original early box of 38 Super can be purchased.

Curio&Relic AORE (12) F. No. 645 -22