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Colt Model 1911 In First Year Production With 1912 Holster In Original Condition ITEM 2175


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This Colt was produced in the last run of 1912. The pistol’s serial number is 15300. This first year production Colt has the correct barrel with the [ H ] stamped on the barrel upper lip. This 45 A.C.P. barrel is in very good bright condition with sharp lands. There is some sign of light pitting in spots due to the corrosive ammunition used during that time period. This Colt is all correct for the serial number range and time frame. It has the correct early style front and rear sights. The slide has the Colt in a circle above the safety. The original grips are in wonderful condition with only a few areas of checkering point flattening. The original key hole magazine is in very fine condition. The action works correctly with strong springs. The original bluing would rate a 91% or better condition. Most of the loss is on the high points from holster wear. The Original Rock Island Model 1912 Holster is in very fine serviceable condition. This holster is also dated 1912. The leg strap is missing which is common for these holsters. The leather is supple and the original finish is fully intact. This pistol rig is quite stunning and rare. It is not often that a first year Military Colt 1911 comes on the market in this fine of condition with it’s matching dated holster! Here is such a pistol rig for the discerning collector!

Curio&Relic OSEE – KEE (4) F. No. 667 -23