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ITEM – 1882 – SOLD – Colt Official Police Revolver 1930’s Production With Original Box In 38 Special


Item Number 1882 Category

This Colt was produced in 1933. The pistol’s serial number is 582286. It has the 6 inch barrel chambered for the 38 Special. The bore and chambers are in near new condition. The action works smooth and locks up tight. The trigger pull is nice and crisp. This pistol shows very little use or being fired! The original Colt bluing would rate a 97% or better overall condition. These wood grips that are on this pistol are the correct style grips. The grips do show some wear and use that is not consistent with this Colt. The grips fit this pistol correctly with no issues. This Colt also has the factory letter stating that this pistol was shipped to W.S. Brown Inc Pittsburg Pennsylvania October 3 1933. The box is the correct style box and is serial numbered to this pistol. The Special Instructions pamphlet is still in the box. The box is in very fine condition with a bright clear undamaged label. This is a very nice collectable Colt with the factory letter That Colt collectors love to have in their collections.


J.M.C.Consn. Curio&Relic (10) F. No. 570 -21