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Colt Second Generation Cap & Ball Signature Series 1861 Navy Pistol ITEM 2163


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This is a Second Generation Cap & Ball 1861 Navy pistol. The pistol’s serial number is 45527. It has the 7 1/2 inch barrel chambered to shoot the 36 caliber ball and conical bullets. This pistol is in new unfired condition. The color cased finish is really stunning on this pistol! The bluing and polish work is really wonderful on this Colt! The grip straps are polished and blued. This Colt is adaptable for a shoulder stock. These 1861 Navy’s are some of the best looking Cap & Ball pistols that Colt produced. This Colt has no box.

Antique W.H.D. Consn.  (3) F. No. 665 -23