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ITEM 1909 – SOLD – Colt Second Series Sport Model Woodsman With Stunning Grips And Original Box


Item Number 1909 Category

This Sport Model was produced in 1949. The pistol’s serial number is 39159-S. It has the standard 4 1/2 inch barrel chambered for the 22 Long Rifle cartridge. The bore is bright and minty looking. The front sight is not ajustable. The rear sight has the fully ajustable Coltmaster rear sight. This Colt shows very little sign of being fired or being handled. The original high polish bluing would rate a 99% condition. There is only a slight muzzle side end loss from laying in the box. The original grips are the brown multi colored plastic grips. The right panel has the Colt logo imprinted on the top surface. Also there is a add on back grip arch that has that same plastic coloration. The grip colors have that swirling effect of different brown tones. That really makes these grips and grip arch stand out! These grips are sometimes called bowling ball grips. The box is in good condition. The top cover has the corners separated. . The box itself is in sound condition. The original pamplet is included with the box. The gold end label is fully intact. This is a stunning Colt Woodsman that would be a standout in any collection!


Curio&Relic BCEE (11) F. No. 576 -21