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General Motors F.P. 45 Liberator Pistol From World War 2 ITEM 3035

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This pistol was produced By General Motors Guide Lamp Div. in 1942. This single shot was chambered for the 45 A.C.P. cartridge. There were around a million of these single shot pistols made. There is no serial number ever issued with these guns. They were produced for supplying guns to resistance forces in occupied territories during World War 2. These pistols were called Flare Projectors Cal. 45. to keep their true purpose secret, hence the F.P. 45 nomenclature. One of the pistol’s other name was the Liberator. These pistols were crudely made. It cost the Government $2.10 to produce each pistol. This pistol is in the “White” they were never blued or finished. The pistol’s finish now is mostly patina. The grip compartment can store 10 45 A.C.P. shells. The action still works and locks up tight. There is no damage or other issues with this pistol. This pistol is still in it’s original condition. This is an interesting pistol from the clans dine history of World War 2.

Curio&Relic R.F. Consn. (9) F. No. 685 -23