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German World War 2 K98 Sniper Rifle Rebuilt By Mitchell’s Mausers ITEM 3056

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This Rifle was made by Mauser in 1943. The rifle’s serial number is 13089. The barrel is chambered for the 8 m/m German service round. The bore is bright and minty. This rifle has been completely overhauled by Mitchell’s Mausers. The scope has bright optics and works correctly. This K98 rifle is certainly ready to go to the range. This rifle has not been fired since it came from Mitchell’s. I have the certification document issued by Mitchell’s Mausers certifying this rifle. This rifle is in as new condition as it came from Mitchell’s. There is a import stamp on the barrel above the bayonet lug. The stock has been refinished very nicely. We also have from Mitchell’s Mauser The Bayonet, Cleaning kit, Ammunition Pouch, 5 Round Chargers and Sling that goes with this rifle. These items are still in their original box. This is a good looking sniper rifle that would be fun to shoot with less cost than an original un altered original Sniper Model.

Curio&Relic W.T. Consn (11) f. No. 693 -694 -23