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ITEM 1949 – SOLD – Inland Division Of General Motors M1 Carbine Early 5th Month Of Production


Item Number 1949 Category

The carbine’s barrel date is 10-42. The carbine’s serial number is 60935. The bore is in very fine bright condition. This gun has all the correct early parts intact. It has never been restored or rebuilt. This carbine has the correct double bevel trigger housing, dog leg hammer, flat blued bolt, half moon operating rod and correct early parts. The sights are original to this gun also. Inside the sling well there is carved initials of  M. T. also there is small carved initials by the grip base of H.M.S. The stock is in very fine condition with all of the original finish intact. There is no damage or cracks to this “I” stock. The hand guard has the early wide groove feature. All of the metal parts have their original finish intact. The metal parts condition would rate a 96% overall condition. The wood condition would rate a 96% also. This carbine is a honest service used gun that has not been abused! These very early carbines have a very poor survival rate! These guns saw the brunt of the war as they were the first to be used starting in 1942. Many of the much latter production guns never saw service use. To find an early production carbine in original as issued condition  is a real find today! I also have the original magazine pouch with early Inland magazines in the pouch. This pouch shows much service wear and use. This pouch came with this gun and will stay with it. This carbine would be a real highlight of any military collection or display!
Curio&Relic  AAKE (4)  F. No. 599 -22