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ITEM – 2017 – SOLD – Stevens Model 416-2 U.S. Property 22 Target Rifle As New In The Original Box


Item Number 2017 Category

This Stevens target rifle was produced during World War 2 around 1942. This rifle is stamped U.S. Property on the receiver. The receiver ring also has the ordnance bomb stamped on the side. The rifle’s serial number is 208100. It has the 26 inch heavy barrel chambered for the 22 Long Rifle cartridge. This  gun has the original target sights intact. This rifle also has the factory fitted scope bases installed. This rifle is new still in the grease! The hanging tag is present as well as the envelope with the 5 front sight inserts. The envelope also has printed on it how to use these inserts. The box also has the original green wrap impregnated with preservative. The original sling is in fine condition and fully serviceable. The original 5 round magazine is also present. The box is in very fine condition with no damage. The end label is intact. This box is also serial numbered to this rifle. This is a very fine as new never issued training rifle from World War 2. To survive all these years in this condition is amazing! This rifle would be a very fine addition to any military collection!

Curio&Relic BKKE (8) F. No. 622 -22