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J.P. Sauer 98K ce 42 Code Rifle Matched Serial Numbers Stunning Condition ITEM 3118

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This J.P. Sauer K98k rifle was produced early 1942. The “ce” code was for J.P. Sauer. This rifle’s serial number is 4282 d. This rifle is all matched serial numbers including the wooden top handguard. The barrel is marked 73 42 GS. The rifle is chambered to shoot the standard German 8 M/M service round. The bore is in very fine to minty condition. The original bluing would rate a 97% or better condition. The stock is the laminated style stock serial numbered to this rifle. There is no damage to the stock. The stock and handguard retain the original wood finish. The butt plate is the cupped style butt plate. The parts are all milled steel. The sling is original to this rifle and dated 1942. The original cleaning rod is present. The action works smoothly with no issues. There are no alterations done on this rifle. This rifle is in really stunning condition! J.P. Sauer was one of the best makers of these rifles during the war. To find original unaltered matched serial number rifles is getting very hard to find today! Here is one of the best 98k’s you could possibly find for your collection!

Curio&Relic ASEE  (6) F. No. 716 -24