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Japanese TYPE 14 Early Pistol Rig In Very Fine Condition ITEM 3043

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This Nambu Pistol was produced in 2 – 1934. The pistol’s serial number is 27014. It was produced at the Koishikawa Kokura Arsenal. This pistol is chambered for the 8 m/m Nambu pistol service round. This pistol is all matched serial numbers including one matched serial number magazine. The spare magazine is a correct period spare magazine. This pistol is in very fine original condition. The bore is bright and minty. The grips are in fine condition with no damage. The strawed parts have strong coloring. This pistol functions great with no issues. The original rust bluing would rate a 98% or better condition. This Nambu comes with a Spare Magazine, spare original firing pin and a combination cleaning tool and loading tool, This pistol also comes with an original lanyard. They all fit into the holster. There is no ammunition packs in the front pouch. This holster is a very fine near new original early holster. It has the correct makers mark on the inside hinged cover. There is no damage or loose stitching on this holster. This is a very fine high collector grade condition early Type 14 pistol! This would be a hard early pistol to beat in this fine of condition!

Curio&Relic W.T. Consn. (10) F. No. 690-697 -23