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Johnson Automatics Model 1941 In Original Service Condition ITEM 2070


Item Number 2070 Category

This Model 1941 Johnson was produced in 1941. The rifle’s serial number is B 8365. It has the original 1941 dated barrel. The barrel rifling does show some expected service use. This rifle has not been refinished or reblued. This rifle is in it’s original service used condition. The action works smoothly with no issues. The 10 round rotary drum magazine has no dents or damage. The stock is in fine condition with no cracks or chips. The stock retains it’s original finish. This rifle barrel dismounts with no fuss. This is a very nice original as issued Johnson that has not been altered or restored. I also have an original rare as new Johnson bayonet with it’s as new scabbard. That bayonet will go with this fine rifle. It is not often that you can find the original bayonet that will go with these Johnson Rifles! This combination makes for a very highly collectable set!

Curio&Relic RLKE (11) F. No. 616 – 640- 654 -22 Bayonet KEE