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National Postal Meter M1 Carbine With A Rare Union Switch And Signal Receiver ITEM 1853

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This Carbine’s production date is around May of 1944. The carbine’s serial number is 4353237. It has a undated I.B.M. Barrel. I.B.M. was one of the prime barrel makers that supplied barrels for National Postal Meter. This barrel shines bright with no issues. This carbine has all of the correct parts for the serial number range and date of production. These parts show wear consistant with use to each other. All of the parts and the gun itself retain the original finish. The original finish would rate a 95% overall condition. The receiver has a “U” stamped below the serial number. That “U” is the code for Union Switch And Signal Co. Union Switch And Signal Co. produced a small number of receivers for National Postal Meter in their late production carbines. This carbine is one of these carbines with the receiver produced by Union Switch and Signal Co. This carbine has the correct stamped rear sight as well as the stamped front sight. It has the flat blued bolt. This carbine shows service wear and use. There is no cracks or wood damage to the stock and forend. The stock is the high wood style with the type one barrel band. The stock and hand guard retain all of the original wood finish. The sling and oiler are World War 2 issue. This is avery fine National Postal Meter Carbine with a rare Union Switch And signal Receiver. National Postal Meter produced about 6.8% of the carbines produced in World War 2. That breaks down to about 413017 carbines. National Postal Meter rates number 5 of 10 in rarity.


Curio&Relic LLHE (6) F. No. 560 -21