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Original Colt Service Model Ace Unused Complete Barrel – ITEM 2013


Item Number 2013 Category

This is an original Colt Service Model Ace complete barrel that is chambered for the 22 Long Rifle cartridge. This barrel is brand new unused condition! This “Ace” barrel has the floating chamber to help simulate the feel and recoil of the 45 A.C.P. cartridge. The breech face is properly marked Colt – Cal 22 L.R. This barrel will fit almost all of the Service Model Conversion Kits and Government frame Service Model Ace Colt pistols. The floating chamber fits correctly to this barrel and is not a add on. These barrels are very difficult to find today. Here is a brand new barrel to restore your Colt “Ace” shooting Conversion Kit or pistol!

BOK (7) F. No. 619 -22