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Original World War One Squad Cleaning Kit For 45 Caliber Pistols ITEM 2129

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This is an original squad pistol cleaning kit for 45 caliber pistols. This kit is from World War One due to all the brass items. The kit consists of ten brass cleaning rods, 12 bristle cleaning brushes,  ten combination screw drivers, one brass oiler can and one brass patch can. This kit is in near unissued condition! The outer steel case is in very fine condition with a working latch. Most of these kits are missing screw drivers, brushes or other items. This kit is a complete as issued kit.  These kits were for the 1911 pistols and the 1917 revolvers that were issued during the war. This kit would make a great display with the World War One pistols!

KEE (12) F. No. 648 -22