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Remington 1903-A3 Field Converted To Sniper Rifle With Original Accessories ITEM 3055

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This Remington Rifle’s barrel date is 2-43. The serial number is covered over by the Redfield Scope Base. The barrel is a standard 24 inch military barrel chambered for the 30-06 military cartridge. The bore is in minty bright condition. The scope base is a correct military issued base. The Scope is a correct military M84 scope with serial number 0443. This scope has clear optics and the scope works correctly. The stock is in very fine condition. The inspector is Frank J. Atwood and has the ordnance wheel on this stock. The bolt handle is altered to clear this scope. The front sight has not been removed. This rifle is all correct A3 Remington. This rifle is a very close copy of a correct issued Sniper Rifle Model 1903 A4 Series rifle.

Curio&Relic  W.T. Consn. (11) F. No. 693 -23