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Remington Arms Co Model 141 GameMaster Pump Rifle In 35 Remington – ITEM 1823

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This Remington rifle barrel date is 3-1948. The rifle’s serial number is 60929. It has the standard 24 inch rifle barrel. The bore shines bright and new looking. This rifle is chambered for the great 35 Remington cartridge. This rifle has the standard factory rifle sights installed. The action shows very little use or bing fired. This rifle is in very fine almost new condition. The bluing would rate a strong 98% condition. The stock and pump handle are in almost new condition. The wood finish is fully intact with no issues, The action works very smooth and slick. This is a very fine condition Remington rifle in a great cartridge! These rifles were some of the best pump rifles ever designed for the hunter and shooter!


Curio&Relic RRE (6) F. No. 550 -21