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Rock-Ola M1 Carbine “I” Stock In Original Service Used Condition ITEM 2095

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This Rock-Ola was produced in Feb. Of 1944. The carbine’s serial number is4592549. This carbine has the correct Rock-Ola undated barrel in bright clean condition. This Rock-Ola has all of the correct Rock-Ola coded parts for the serial number range and time frame of production. The stock and hand guard are correctly coded RMC for Rock-Ola. The magazine and oiler is also coded for Rock-Ola. The original metal finish is intact on all of the parts and the carbine itself.  This carbine is in original as issued condition. This gun is not a rebuild. This Carbine shows service use and wear. There is no abuse or damage  done to this carbine. The wood is sound with no cracks or chips. The wood finish is original to this gun. Rock-Ola carbines are one of the very rare production carbines to be produced in World War 2. They only produced 3.7% of the total carbines produced during that time. This breaks down to 228,500 carbines produced. This original Rock-Ola would be a very fine addition to any military collection!

Curio&Relic LSEE (11) F. No. 639 -22