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Rock-Ola M1 Carbine In Original Service Used Condition – ITEM 2003

Item Number 2003 Category

This Rock-Ola Carbine was produced around October of 1943. The carbine’s serial number is 1693925. This carbine has the standard Rock-Ola undated barrel chambered for the 30 M1 Carbine round. The bore is in very fine condition. The sights are the correct sights for the time frame and serial number. This gun has all the correct Rock-Ola parts intact for the serial number range and time frame. There is no alterations or rebuilding with this carbine. It even has the Rock-Ola Oiler and Magazine with this gun! This carbine has seen tropical service use and wear. When I was checking this carbine out there was still traces of some sand in the stock crevasse. The original sling is with this gun. The sling shows much service wear. The stock and handguard have no cracks or wood damage. The Ordnance and Makers stamps are clear and readable. The action works smoothly with no issues. The flat bolt retains most of the original bluing. The barrel does show some exterior light pitting in spots from the barrel band to the front sight due to tropical service use. The gun parts are in fine condition with no rusting or surface pitting. This carbine certainly has a story to tell! These Rock-Ola produced carbines are one of the hardest carbines to find in original as issued condition. They only produced 228500 carbines during the war. That means that Rock-Ola produced 3.7% of the total production of the carbines produced in World War 2. These are rare Carbines! Here is an original as issued Rock-Ola carbine that has not been played with that has wonderful history to this gun!

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