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Saginaw Gear Saginaw M1 Carbine In Possibly Unfired Original Condition ITEM 3111

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This Saginaw Gear Carbine was produced January of 1944, The carbine’s serial number is 3479999. The Undated Saginaw Gear Barrel is the standard 18 inch barrel chambered for the 30 M1 Carbine cartridge. This barrel shows no real sign of being fired. It is in minty condition. The blued flat bolt also shows no sign of being fired. All of the parts are correct for the serial number range and time frame. These parts appear to show no firing use and wear! The internal parts are especially in fine new condition. The blued flat bolt has almost 99% of the original bluing! The rear sight is original to this gun. The front sight has never been removed for a type 3 barrel band. The original War time finish would rate a 99% overall condition. The Oval Cut High Wood Stock is in unissued condition. The stock and handguard are correctly RSG coded. The sling and oiler are correct World War 2 issued. To find a M1 Carbine in this fine of original condition today is a amazing find! Saginaw Gear Saginaw is one of the harder carbines to find for the collector today! Here is a truly wonderful and highly collectable Carbine that would stand out in any collection!

Curio&Relic LREE  (4) F. No. 714 -24