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Smith & Wesson Model 1891 Third Series Perfected Single Shot With Olympic Barrel ITEM 3038

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This Smith & Wesson 3rd Model 1891 Single shot were produced Between 1909 To 1923. This pistol’s serial number is 9761. It has the standard 10 inch target barrel chambered for the 22 Long Rifle. This gun has a minty bore! This perfected model has the rare Olympic barrel. These Olympic barrels engage the bullet nose into the rifling grooves and lands 1/8th of an inch before fully chambered. This was to seat the bullet securely for better accuracy. These barrels are rare today to find. These perfected model single shots have the double action as well as the standard single action mechanism. This is the only Smith & Wesson single shot pistol to offer this feature. This pistol is in very fine condition. The action works properly and locks up snug. The trigger release is light and crisp in the release. This pistol shows light use and being fired. The original bluing would rate a 97% or better condition. The trigger and hammer have vivid color cased finish. The original grips are in very fine condition. There is no flattening of the checkering or damage to these grips. This is a highly collectable Pistol that still can shoot with the best today! The box of 22 shells are for display only.

Curio&Relic R.F. Consn. (9) F. No. 686 -23