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ITEM 1927 – SOLD – Steyr Diamler Puch A.G. Steyr bnz 1943 Code 98K Mauser Rifle With Single Rune


Item Number 1927 Category

This Rifle was built in 1943. The Steyr’s rifle’s serial number is 4616. This rifle is all matched serial numbers. This also includes the bolt. The bore is in fine bright condition. This rifle has the single SS rune on the top of the receiver ring. The rune denotes that this rifle was built at the Gussen Sub Camp of Mauthaussen Concentration Camp. The barrel was made by Steyr. Many of the parts and equipment were supplied by Mauser to help complete these rifles. This was noted by Law’s book Titled, Back Bone Of The Wehrmacht The German K98K Rifle 1934 To 1945. The stock is by Mauser and is coded as such. This Mauser stock appears to be part of the equipment that was used to build these rifles. The stock is a solid wood stock rather than a laminated stock which was more in common use in 1943. The stock has the cupped butt plate. The butt plate is coded brg for H.W. Shmidt [Sachsen]. Many of these stocks were not Rune coded. This stock shows all the earmarks of always being with this rifle. The stock is not a duffle bag cut. The original bluing is faded with use and wear. The bluing would rate a 35% and silvery looking. The cleaning rod is intact with this rifle. The original leather sling is also included. The sling is in nice serviceable condition. The rifle shows service use and wear. there is no abuse or damage done to this rifle. The action works smoothly with no issues. This rifle shows being well cared for and kept in service use during the war. These rifles are not commonly seen today. They did not produce many of these rifles to start with. Here is a very nice sample of these single rune K98K’s for the collector.


Curio&Relic LKAE (2) F. No. 586 -22