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Winchester M1 Garand In Original As Issued Condition ITEM 2136


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This Winchester was produced in 1944. The rifle’s serial number is 2522811. The 24 inch Winchester barrel is chambered for the 30 Government 1906 cartridge {30-06}. This barrel bore is in very fine condition with sharp lands with a bright tight bore. All of the parts are correct Winchester parts. The operating rod is Winchester and is uncut. The short fork operating rod spring is also Winchester. The stock shows service wear and use. The Correct G.H.D. W.R.A. stamped on the stock in a box below the rear sight on the left side is moderately worn but fully visible. This Winchester has not been adapted to shoot grenades. The single slot gas nut is present. This rifle has a correct World War 2 leather sling with the steel sling hooks. This Garand works fine with no issues. These Winchester Garands were never produced in large quantities like Springfield during the War. To find a complete Winchester that has not been messed with is a true find today! here is one of these fine Winchesters for the discerning collector!

Curio&Relic BLKE  (3) F. No. 664 -23