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Winchester Model 1894 Take Down Rifle With Winchester Accessories ITEM 2114


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This Winchester was produced in 1900. The rifle’s serial number is 192583. It has the 26 inch octagonal take down barrel chambered for the 30 W.C.F. cartridge {30-30 Winchester}. The bore is in very fine bright condition. There is traces of strong color cased finish on the lever and hammer. The original bluing would rate a 97% or better on the barrel and magazine tube. The receiver original bluing would rate a 95% overall condition. The area of receiver blue loss is on the under side of the frame from being carried. This rifle is set up to use a tang sight. The tang sight is by Marbles Sight Co. The rear sight is a two leaf folding sight. The front sight is the standard Winchester sight. The take down feature is tight with no play. The stock and forend are in fine condition with no cracks or wood damage. This is a fine condition early Winchester with the highly collectable octagonal barrel with the take down feature. Having been fitted with a tang sight adds to the luster. This rifle also comes with a Winchester Model 1894 loading tool. This tool is complete with the decapping pin, two brass powder measuring cups for different powder loads. The tool itself, and a stuck case removing tool by Ideal Tool Co. The box is in fair condition having the corners taped. The tool is in very fine condition as well as the other mentioned items. The box of 30 W.C.F. by Union Metallic Cartridge Co. Is in the same time frame as this Winchester. This is a full box of original shells. The box is sound and in good condition. This box can be purchased separately for this rifle. This box is listed on my Boxed Ammunition for sale site. These items help make this fine Winchester really stand out! This Winchester would be a fine addition to any collection!

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