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Winchester Model 1906 First Year Production In 22 Short Only In Fine Condition ITEM 2108


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This Winchester is a first year production from 1905-1906. The rifle’s serial number is 7587. This gun has the 20 inch round barrel chambered for the 22 Short only. The sights are original to this gun. The receiver is the early style with the front lugs inside the receiver frame. The bore has pitting but the lands are still sharp. This certainly is a very good shootable bore. The stock and forend are in very fine condition. There is no damage or cracks with this wood. The wood retains the original factory finish. The original bluing is slightly faded. The receiver shows nice high polish finishing. The bolt also shows high polish finish. The bluing would rate a 93% or better condition. This is a fine condition early model 1906 that has all of the early features for this model. It would be hard to find a first model in this nice of condition as this was a very popular model and saw much use.

Curio&Relic J.L.V. Consn. (12) F. No. 644 -22