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ITEM 1971 – SOLD – Winchester Model 61 22 Long Rifle Shot Only Counter Bore With Matted Sight Channel Receiver


Item Number 1971 Category

This Winchester was produced in 1941. The shotgun’s serial number is 52089. This shotgun has the standard 24 inch barrel counter bored 8 inches to shoot 22 long rifle shot only. There is no provision for a rear sight on the barrel. The front sight is the German silver shotgun bead sight. This gun has the shotgun style sight channel on the receiver with the milled no glare sight channel. This feature is not commonly seen on these models. This shotgun has a very old refinish. The quality of polish is of high quality with no waves or dipping. This shotgun has seen some use and wear. There is no abuse to this gun. The stock and pump handle also show some use and wear. The wood retains the original finish with no cracks or chips. The action works smoothly and locks up snug. This is a nice condition Winchester 61 Shotgun that would be real fun to shoot!

Curio&Relic J.L.V. Consn. F. No.608 -22