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Winchester Model 61 In 22 W.R.F. With Rare Barrel Lettering Placement ITEM 2135

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This Winchester was produced in 1951. The rifle’s serial number is 155994. This gun is fitted with the standard 24 inch round barrel. It is chambered for the 22 W.R.F. cartridge. The rifle sights are original to this Winchester.  The barrel lettering placement and style is quite rare! The placement is behind the rear sight. The style of the lettering is also rare for this gun and time frame. This Winchester is in almost new condition! There is a very slight sign of the action being pumped. The original bluing would rate a 99% condition! The stock and forend are in new condition. The 22 W.R.F. chambering is a difficult chambering to find in this model! The rifle’s near new condition also makes this gun stand out! Having a rare barrel marking location also brings this Winchester into the highly collectable group of Winchesters for this Model! If you are looking for a highly collectable Model 61, This is it! The 22 W.R.F. Boxes are for display only and not for sale.

J.L.V. Consn. (2) F. No. 651 -23