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ITEM 1975 – SOLD- Winchester Model 62 Gallery Gun With The Rare 5 Spot Logo On The Stock


Item Number 1975 Category

This Winchester was produced in 1936. The rifle’s serial number is 38942. This rifle has the standard 23 inch round barrel chambered for the 22 Short cartridge. The stock has the 5 Spot logo branded on the left side of the stock. The 5 Spot was a series of shooting galleries that started in Michigan. They were called the 5 Spot Short Range Gun Clubs Of America. These were licensed shooting galleries. They started operations in 1935. These shooting galleries were operating at various places in the United States. They branded the stocks on the Winchester Model 62’s as a advertisement for their galleries. This gun still has the original paint intact! Most of these logos were repainted. This logo on this rifle is fully intact and original! There is no known amount of these Winchesters that were used by the 5 Spot galleries. These guns are considered rare today. Most of these guns saw really hard service. Many of them were rebuilt by using other worn out gallery guns. It is not uncommon to see mixed serial numbers from this practice of rebuilding. This Winchester is matched serial numbered. This rifle shows much service use but no abuse. The action works correctly. The action has dried oil that gums up the smoothness of the working parts. With A good cleaning this gun would work really slick! The bore is in very nice bright condition. The original bluing would rate a 75% or better condition. The stock and pump handle are in very nice condition with no chips or cracks. There is some light storage dings on the stock on the right side. The original wood finish is intact. This is a very fine condition Gallery Gun with a historical past of a bygone era!

Curio&Relic J.L.V. Consn. (6) F. No. 610 -22