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Colt 38 Super Post War 1911-A1 Civilian With Early Thin Barrel – ITEM 2020


Item Number 2020 Category

This Colt was produced in 1956. The pistol’s serial number is 123184. This pistol is in original condition. It has the then new style thin barrel. The barrel shows pitting due to cheap imported ammunition. The pistol shows little use or wear however. The original bluing would rate a 98% or better condition. The original “Pony” grips show no sign of shrinkage. These grips are in new condition. This Colt has the correct early style magazine in very fine condition. I have shot this pistol and it shoots accurately with no issues. This is a very fine condition Colt with the correct early thin barrel. The high polish workmanship is what you would expect of Colt’s! This is a very stunning looking pistol in the rare 38 Super Chambering.

Curio&Relic LKRE (8) F. No. 623 -22