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ITEM 1663 – SOLD – Winchester Model 1892 Rifle Threaded For The Maxim Silencer


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This Winchester was produced in 1908. The rifle’s serial number is 457590. It is chambered for the 25-20 W.C.F. Cartridge. It is a take down model with the full magazine. The barrel is octagonal with the standard sights. The muzzle is factory cut for the Maxim silencer. It has a protective threaded cap to protect the threads. The take down feature is tight with no alterations or repairs. The bore is bright with sharp lands. The original barrel and magazine bluing would rate a 98% overall condition. The receiver would rate a 90% overall condition. The most blue loss is where you would carry the rifle. This rifle is fitted with a Lyman tang sight. This sight has the threaded disc peep sight. The hammer and lever show color cased finish. The butt plate and forend cap are in the silvery finish. The stock has some fancy figuring to the wood. This is common when there is a special order request, in this case the threadding for the silencer. Winchester usually will give a better grade of wood for these special order requests. This stock and forend have the original finish intact. There is no repairs, dents or cracks on the wood. This rifle was ordered from Winchester by a Hog Farmer that did not want to disturb his stock when shooting pests. I bought this rifle from his son in the early 70’s. I was told that he gave the silencer to the local police department as he was told it was illegal to have it. This is a stunning condition Winchester with a rare feature. This rifle was well cared for and shot very little. This rifle would be a fine addition to any Collection! Also I will put with this rifle 9 boxes of ammunition, around 500 Remington soft point bullets and a set of R.C.B.S dies.


Curio&Relic H.L.V. Private (4) F. No. 496 -20