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Colt Early Post War Model 1911-A1 Civilian 38 Super With Stunning Grips ITEM 2174

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This Colt was produced in 1950. The pistol’s serial number is 79887. The original 38 Super barrel is in minty condition. This Colt has the early ‘ Fat Barrel ‘. These early 38 Super barrels were bored from 45 A.C.P. blank barrels. This style of barrel was produced only for a short time. Colt latter on used barrel blanks that were thinner and made for the 38 Super. This Colt shows very little sign of being used. The factory letter states that this pistol was sold to Shapleigh Hardware Co. in Saint Louis Missouri but shipped to A.D. Sales Co. Tulsa Oklahoma on March 22 1950. The original bluing would rate a 98% or better condition. The ‘ Bowling Ball ‘ Pony grips are really stunning looking! These colorful grips are rarely seen today! These grips are in new condition with no issues. The magazine is the correct early post war 38 Super magazine. This Colt is a stunning condition pistol that would be a real show piece in any collection!

Curio&Relic CKEE (4) F. No. 667 -23