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Winchester Model 1897 Trench Shotgun In Very Rare Civilian Model – ITEM 1788

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This shotgun was produced on May 5th 1932. The Shotgun’s serial number is 882951. It has the standard 20 inch cylinder choked barrel. The bore is in very fine condition. The handguard and bayonet attachment assembly have the Patent applied for stamp just above the sling swivel on the right side. The bayonet lug has the correct cut out notch to accommodate the locking lug of the Winchester Model 1895 Russian contract musket bayonet. This bayonet lug will also work with the Model 1917 rifle bayonet. This adaption is only found on civilian model trench guns. These civilian model trench guns do not have any military property stamps or inspection stamps. Another unusual feature of these civilian model guns is that Winchester fitted brass butt plates with the company logos identical to the standard hard rubber butt plates then in production. These trench guns were available for a very short time. From the late 1920’s to the early 1930’s. These rare shotguns are covered in Bruce Canfield’s book on Military Shotguns. See page 70 to read about these guns. The production of these guns is very limited. This Trench Gun is the correct take down model. The original factory bluing would rate a 95% overall condition. The stock and pump handle have no cracks or wood damage. The wood still has the original finish intact. The action is tight and locks up properly. The action shows little use or wear. The brass buttplate is in fine condition with no damage to the surface. I have a correct original Russian Contract bayonet and scabbard that can be purchased with this shotgun. The Russian Contract Bayonet is the one with the bright blade. The 1917 rifle bayonet and scabbard is for illustration only and not for sale. I have a factory letter that certifies that this serial number was issued on May 5th 1932. This is the correct time frame for this rare gun. this Shotgun would make a very fine addition to any Military shotgun collection!


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