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ITEM 1736 – SOLD – Colt First Year National Match Mid Range 1911 Pistol With Original Box


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This Colt was produced in 1960. The pistol’s serial number is 356 MR. This is a very early Mid Range model. There were 1000 produced of the first series of this model. This Colt shoots the 38 Special wad cutter bullet. The magazine holds 5 shells of wad cutters. This is in effect a National Match Gold Cup pistol that has been built to shoot the 38 Special wad cutter shell. There is three variations of this model with this model being the first style. There is a total of around 7,000 ever built in all three variations. The first style is the rarest of the three. The Mid Range National Match series of Colt is the rarest of the 1911 series of Colts to ever be produced! These pistols were built to maximize accuracy! These pistols were built to tighter tolerances than the Gold Cup Series. The barrel is also redesigned to work on the blowback principle. This idea was to keep the barrel in line during firing cycle. This was to help increase accuracy and less barrel wobble. This Colt is in very fine to near new condition. The sights are original to this pistol. There has not been any alterations done on this gun. The high polish bluing would rate a strong 98% to 99% overall condition. The bore is bright and minty looking. The magazine is in new condition. The original wood grips are as new. The trigger release is very crisp. This Colt is a stunning looking pistol! The original box is in good condition. There is some water damage to the top of the box. The graphics are intact and sound. The box itself is sound and intact. The interior is in good condition. These Mid Range models are highly collectable due to their rarity and quality custom workmanship.


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