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ITEM 1799 – SOLD – Remington Model 1917 Rifle In Very Fine Original Condition With Bayonet


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This Remington’s barrel date is 8-18. The rifle’s serial number is 533600. This rifle is chambered for the 30 Government 1906 service round. The 24 inch barrel is in fine original condition with a minty bore. All of the parts are by Remington. This rifle is not a rebuilt or restored firearm. This Remington is the same as it left the factory in 1918. The stock has the “R” stamped on the open end of the stock by the front barrel band. The cartridge ejector spring is intact. The bolt and bolt parts are also marked Remington. The original bluing would rate a 95% overall condition. The stock and handguards retain all of the original finish. The bolt works smoothly and the shells feed properly. The front and rear sights are properly marked for Remington. The Model 1917 Bayonet is also by Remington. The blade is in fine condition with no damage. The bayonet retains the original finish. The scabbard is a correct scabbard. Many of these scabbards were repainted to keep them looking as issued. These Model 1917 bayonets are not easy to find today in this nice of original condition. This is a very fine original World War One issue Remington Model 1917 rifle! This rifle has been well cared for all of these years. It is not easy to find original World War One rifles in their original as issued condition. This Remington Is one of these fine original rifles!


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