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ITEM 1947 – SOLD – Colt Military Model 1911 Pistol 1918 Production With Unusual Heart Shaped Openings Under Grips


Item Number 1947 Category

This Colt was produced in 1918. The pistol’s serial number is 503344. This pistol falls into the serial number range of the “Black Army” pistols. The barrel is the correct  barrel with the HP butted together. The bore is in very fine condition. These “Black Army” pistols had very weak bluing. The finish would wear or fade quickly in use as such has happened with this pistol. The heart shaped openings by the grip frame was a speed up to eliminate a manufacturing step in production. Colt normally would cut those tips off during the production process. By eliminating the step to cut the tips was another speed up for production. This was only done in 1918. It is estimated that around 60% of the pistols had this eliminated step done starting with around serial number 375000. It is still a unusual interesting feature to find on Colt pistols! This Colt is all original including the correct two tone magazine. There is no pitting or surface damage to this pistol. There is strong bluing on the small parts such as the Trigger, Slide stop, Safety and Hammer. The slide and frame is mostly in patina finish. The lettering and stamps are sharp and clear with no wear. This pistol shows more carry wear than being fired. The original polish lines are intact. The black army bluing is pretty much faded off. The original grips are intact with no cracks. This is a nice honest used World War One Colt that has not been abused or mistreated in the years after the Great War.
Curio&Relic  OKE  (3) F. No. 597-598 -22