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Colt Model 1900 Rare Sight Safety 38 Automatic With Low Serial Number ITEM 2153


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This Colt is a first year production pistol of 1900. The pistol’s serial number is 269. This automatic pistol has the 6 inch barrel chambered for the 38 Auto Cartridge. The bore is in good condition. There is some light pitting present. The lands are strong and serviceable. The sight safety still works correctly and locks into position with strong spring tension. The original bluing would rate a 95% faded bluing. The original wood grips are in fine condition with no damage. The Hammer and sight safety show strong traces of color cased finish. The trigger shows vivid nitre bluing. The original magazine is in very fine to almost new condition. The magazine floor plate has the correct patent date of Sept. 9 1884. This is Colt’s first automatic pistol to be produced. The sight safety variation is quite rare! Most of the latter 1900’s either hat the sight safety made unusable or removed. This is one of the early pistols that the safety still works. Most Model 1900’s found today are in poor condition. This fine condition Colt is certainly a high collector grade pistol that would make any collector proud to own!

Curio&Relic W.H.D. Consn. (3) F. No. 660-661 -23