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Colt Model 1901 Revolver With Original Accessories – ITEM 1738


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This Colt was produced in 1901. The pistol’s serial number is 7478. It is chambered for the 38 Long Colt cartridge. The barrel is 6 inches and is properly RAC inspected. The bore and chambers are in very fine condition. The bore is bright with no pitting or darkening. The action works very fine and locks up properly. The original grips are RAC inspected. The cylinder is RAC inspected. The frame is also RAC inspected. The original bluing would rate a 88% or better condition. This Colt shows honest service wear and use. The holster is made by Rock Island Arsenal. It is not dated. The holster is fully inspected. The lanyard is also by Rock Island Arsenal and is dated 1903 and inspected. The ammunition pouch carries 12 shells. The wood block and leather pouch itself is made by Rock Island Arsenal and is also dated 1903 and inspected. The holster is in wonderful condition with supple leather and no damage or rotten stiching. The lanyard is in very fine condition. The lanyard snap hook still retains the original brown finish. The ammunition pouch is also in fine condition with no damage or bad stiching. The box of original ammunition is for display only. This is a very collectable pistol rig! It is not often that you find a matching date set of accessories. The lanyard itself is really very hard to find today! This is a great set of original accessories and the Colt pistol to go with the set!


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