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Colt Model 1911 Military Early 1912 Production With All Original Condition Parts ITEM 3099

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This Colt was produced in early 1912. The pistol’s serial number is 2441. It has the original barrel with the “H” stamped on the barrel lip. The bore is in used condition showing the effects of corrosive ammunition. The lands are still clear and sharp. The bore would rate a 6 or 7 on the scale of 10. This Colt still has all of the correct parts for the time frame and serial number range. It has the first series magazine catch. The double convex pin for the back strap hammer spring housing. The sights are the correct early sights. The lettering and serial number have the first series light stamping. The magazine is the correct first series with the pinned floor plate. The factory bluing is the high polish early style. It also has the Colt pony in a circle on the back of the slide above the safety notch. The original bluing would rate a 94% or better. The most bluing loss is from holster wear on the surface high points. The original wood double diamond grips do have some point flattening in spots due to holster wear. Other wise these grips are in fine condition. The Rock Island Arsenal Model 1912 holster is a first production holster dated 1911. It is inspected by T.C.C. The original leg strap is also included. This holster is in very fine condition. The leather is supple with no cracking or loose stitching. It is very rare to see a first production Model 1912 holster! Let alone in this fine of condition! This holster is correct for this first series production 1912 Colt. To find a complete original pistol set with the correct holster is quite rare! Here is a fine set with the first series Colt Model 1911 with a first series Model 1912 holster all in original condition. It would be difficult to top this!

Curio&Relic SOEE-HEE  (3) F. No. 708 -24