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Colt Model 1911 U.S. Navy Marked In Fine Original 1913 Condition ITEM 3072

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This Colt Navy 1911 was produced in 1913. The pistol’s serial number is 42739. This pistol is chambered to fire the 45 A.C.P. cartridge. The bore is in very fine condition with no pitting. The lands are sharp and bright. This barrel is original to this pistol. The barrel has the horizontal P H stamped near the barrel lip. It also has the small H stamped on the barrel lip edge. This was because Colt was using up the earlier barrels and they stamped the newer P H on the older style barrel to use up the old stock. This is fairly rare to see on these early barrels. This Colt has all of the correct features that you expect to see on a 1913 Colt. It has the rounded rear sight, the thin blade front sight. The short stubby wide spur hammer. The brushed blued finish. The Correct Key Hole Magazine with lanyard staple on the bottom. The original bluing would rate a 90% condition. There is some holster wear on the high points. There is also some light speckling on the finish on the slide top. The original wood grips are in very fine condition. The action works just fine with no issues. The slide is snug on the rails. These early navy marked 1911’s are very hard to find in this fine of condition! Most of these Colts saw hard service and use. To find a Navy marked 1911 in fine all original condition is a real find! Here is one of these fine condition survivors!

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