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ITEM – 1922 – SOLD – Colt Model 357 Revolver New In It’s Original Box With Papers


Item Number 1922 Category

This Colt is a First-Year Production in 1954. The pistol’s serial number is 4449. It has the standard 6 Inch barrel chambered for the 357 Magnum cartridge. This Colt is in as new condition only being test-fired at the factory. The original test target is included in the box! The sights are original to this pistol. There is an instruction sheet in the box to show how to use and adjust the rear sight. The original bluing would rate a 99% to 100% overall condition. The original Colt wrap-around grips are in new condition. This is sa stunning as new Colt! This model Colt Is the forerunner of the famous Python Model. The “357” Model was hand-fitted and assembled to give the smoothest action and trigger pull. This was the top of the line revolver at that time. I still think that this is one of the best revolvers ever built by Colt! The original box is intact. The goldtone end label is intact. The box has the cleaning brush, The test target, Colt three position key, the Shooting suggestions, And the instruction sheet for the rear target included. To be able to find this model in new condition with the original box and accessories is an amazing find! Being A first-year production adds to the collector status of this fine Colt! The Early Box Of 357 Magnum Ammunition Is not Included With This Colt. Box sold separately.


Curio&Relic LREE (12) F. No. 581 -21