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Colt Model Police Positive Special New In Original Box ITEM 2148


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This Colt was produced in 1922. The pistol’s serial number is 251731. This Colt has the 6 inch barrel chambered for the 38 Special cartridge. This Colt is in unfired condition. There is no sign of being fired at all!  This pistol is in amazing condition! The original bluing would rate a 100% overall condition! The original hard rubber grips is in new condition. The pistol shows no sign of handling or messing with. The original box is serial numbered to this Colt. The end label is in poor condition. The box itself is in good condition. The only papers with this box is the Special Instructions. To find new in the box revolvers from the 1920’s is a great find! This Colt would be a great addition to any fine collection!

Curio&Relic W.H.D. Consn.  (3) F. No. 662-23