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ITEM 1716 – SOLD – Colt Officers Model Target 22 Revolver With 6 Inch Barrel


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This Colt was produced in 1938. The pistol’s serial number is 18252. This pistol is fitted with a 6 inch barrel. The front and rear sight are adjustable for precision shooting. This Colt locks up tight with no play. The timing is excellent on this pistol. The bore is bright with sharp lands. The cylinder chambers are in very fine condition. The original grips are in fine condition with sharp checkering points. The original bluing would rate a strong 98% and better condition. This Colt has seen very little use. This pistol has been very well cared for all these years. This Colt certainly is of Collector quality condition! This pistol comes with an original Colt box that is serial numbered to another pistol. The original test target is also serial numbered to this box. Box serial number is 19157. It is the correct style box and label for this Colt.


Curio&Relic BELE (7) F. No. -511