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Colt Rare Model 1905 U.S. Marine Military Issued Revolver ITEM 3068

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This Marine Military Issued was produced in 1905.  The Military issued pistol’s serial number is 186. This very rare pistol is one of 812 produced for the Marine Corps. This Colt is also in very fine condition. the action works fine with no issues. The original Marine grips are in very fine condition. The bore and chambers are in minty condition. This Colt is fitted with the standard 6 inch barrel chambered for the 38 Long Colt. The nitre blued trigger, screws and hammer retain almost all of that brilliant finish. This pistol butt plate is fitted for the lanyard swivel. The butt plate is property marked U.S.M.C. The original high polish finish would rate a 93% or better condition. These pistols saw hard service and use. To find a Model 1905 Marine issued pistol in this fine of condition is a real find! This Colt would be a major attraction in any Colt or Military collection! The Ammo pouch and Boxed Ammunition is for display only and not for sale.

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