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Colt Second Generation Single Action Army 45 Colt With Nickel Finish – ITEM 2061


Item Number 2061 Category

This Colt was produced in 1970. The pistol’s serial number is 55621 SA. It has the highly collectable 7 1/2 inch barrel chambered for the 45 Colt cartridge. This pistol has the full nickel finish. The Colt shows some very light working of the action. This pistol does not seem to have been fired. The original nickel finish would rate a 100% condition. The grips are serial numbered to this Colt. The action works perfectly and the timing is right on. For all purposes this Colt is in new condition with no issues. All that is needed is a box! These second generation pistols are not common with the 7 1/2 inch barrel and the full nickel finish. Here is a very stunning looking Colt that would be a show stopper in any collection.

Curio&Relic LKAE (11) F. No. 633 -22