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Colt Shooting Master In 38 Special ITEM 2151

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This Shooting Master was produced in 1936. The pistol’s serial number is 339969. This Colt has the standard 6 inch target barrel chambered for the 38 Special cartridge. This Colt has been refurbished with a re applied finish long ago. It appears that Colt may have done the work as the job was very professional. The bore and chambers are very fine to minty condition. The new bluing would rate a 98% or better condition. The grips are in very fine condition with sharp checkering. The action works very fine as expected. The trigger pull is very light and crisp. This Colt is certainly capable of being used in shooting competition today! This was one of Colt’s finest competition revolvers ever built by that company! The name Shooting Master is well deserved! Here is one of these great pistols at a fair price!

Curio&Relic W.H.D. Consn. (3) F. No. 659 -23