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Fine Italian Copy Of The Remington Model 1858 44 Army Revolver – ITEM 1930

Item Number 1930 Category

This Is a modern copy of The Civil War Remington New Model Army Cap & Ball Revolver In 44 Caliber. The pistol’s serial number is 89229. It has the standard 8 inch barrel for this model Army. This new unfired pistol is in minty condition. The nipples are in new condition with no flattening or burn marks. On the barrel under the loading lever is the serial number and A.S.M. Italy. Also It is marked Black Powder Only. The plating is done real fine with high polish workmanship. The action works smoothly and locks up tight. This is a fine stunning looking revolver that will be fun to shoot and use.


Antique Ignition L.R.P. Consn. (2) F. No. 587 -22